Friday, April 8, 2011

It's coming together!

So I raced last week and came up with an 'Ata boy!' from my coach. I did the 9.3 mile race at an average pace of 7:06/minute mile pace. I'll take it. Decoupling rate was only near 2.5% which is kinda low....which means I could have gone faster. At the time it certainly didn't feel like it! The workouts are starting to ramp up now and , when it's nice out, I am converting to evening rides and runs. July is coming and I intend on going fast.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOW.....and I thought I was smart!!

Hopefully it will be kids like this that will save our planet or get us into the stars properly. (if society doesn't ruin him/them first) Watch and listen to this kid. Something else for sure.

Monday, March 28, 2011

At this point....

Life is crazy. I'm beginning to think I see a pattern. My life is always crazy. It is a huge mess of kids, wife, events, work, trying to train.....let's not forget bills, sleep (when possible) and juggleing all these without turining into an idiot. We had a great wedding this weekend. Laura and Tom got married and we were overjoyed to be able to share their day with them. Alex went to Harvard and raced his events and relays with his team. Solid, albeit not record setting day. (I think he blew his gas qualifing and he just couldn't get 'up' to do the then necessary training, eating and sleeping to excel yet again. Hey, 13 is Running is going well.....biking is also going! But I now recognize that this atitude may be part of the issue. I invested in SwimSmooth "Arnie" program as to help get my issues related to my poor form corrected. I'm taking a slow deliberate approach to this correction. If and when I ever have another race season after this year, I'm gonna feel confident in the water if not Olympic. Race this weekend. May be rainy. I hope not or it will be a slogging 9+ mile run.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

No long run today

Rain in the North East today....long and steady. Although it meant I didn't get in my long un today, tomorrow being my rest day I can move it forward. Present hopes are to run early before work. 12 miles.....ugh, It's gonna suck at approximately Cold, Dark and Too F'in Early O'clock in the morning.

Closing in on final purchase of the Power meter! Very excited about this. NOW I get to see whats what with the biking in a total and complete format. Heart rate AND POWER. No better measurements are available.

Off to shop for those healthy recovery foods. I'll need em after tomorrow. (Yeah, I'm whining already)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Build Week/Month almost done

My word!....Did I ASK for this training? 2nd build month is almost done. Everything going well save the swim which I seem to somehow 'find' it is the most inconvenient to get done. (flogs himself for being a wimp!) I'm on it tonight thought whether I want to or not.

Runs that are interval are just plain hard. 10 x 60" hard followed by 60" rest. Thank all that's holy it isn't descending rest or some such crap. I run an interval at 5'16" to 5'30" pace per mile. After a few of these I'm looking at my watch and saying there is NO DAMN WAY(!!) that that could have been 60 seconds rest. Throw in 1' 30" hill repeats as fast as you can go on another day.....which ain't very damn fast may I add, steep hill, and I'm just a broken 44 year old guy that needs a nap after.

12 mile run good hill and the rest rolling. Coach wants me to try and maintain 7' 45" pace per mile. Last time I did this course it was faster then that but it was a race. We shall see whats happened in 6 years and it now not being a race. Enough of me whining about hard training.

Alex is all set for the Harvard Champs meet come the end of the Month. Yet ANOTHER opportunity for his Dad to live vicariously through his son.....'cuz after all, why the hell did we even have kids if not to live OUR dreams through while pressuring them into all SORTS of things, situations, tasks and responsibilities we , now, as adults find to be truly important. I mean come on, isn't there some rule that this MUST happen? Just kidding folks. Alex is excited and he has one more shot at qualifying in the 100 meter Breast stroke next weekend. His mother is in a wedding that weekend so it seems it will be another male bonding weekend. Fun times and Boston is WAY more fun than White River Junction Vt. No offense to those in White River but ....just saying. I'll post up some results at some point.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Cool Space Shuttle Video

I thought this was a pretty cool link to a Space shuttle video as viewed from an airpane.

CHeck it out

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Continuation of the EVE primer

Alright, so we have established in the past post that Eve Online is just ludicrous in it's structure and learning curve. Let me show you a graph made by others about the different MMPORG's learning curves.

So you can gather that EVE is not for the faint of heart. The complexity and scope is what attracts devote followers of the game. We complain and moan against the powers that be....CCP....the company which made this game, but most of us will still be here in a year or so grinding out for our alliance or corp.
Alliance? Yeah, alliance. Individuals who play can band together to form a corporation. These corporations will have a purpose or goal that all of the players may want to pursue as a group, sharing skills and abilities toward the common goal(s). Corporations can than band together to form a more universal alliance. Alliance's may have industrial corps that build stuff for infrastructure or for those corps that specialize in PvP. (Player vs Player) Make no mistake about it, when EVE is distilled down to it's most basic element .....its about survival of the fittest, strongest and smartest players. Presently my 'toons' belong in a corporation of the Northern Coalition. I say 'Coalition' because CCP does not, as of yet, recognize coalitions. These are groups of alliances that have made a NAP (Non-Aggression Pact)with each other and vow to come to each others defense. As can be assumed, alliances often break down along time zones or ideological ideals. Presently the NC is fighting the 'Evil Russians' and the Red Block alliances as they wage war over Geminate, a region of space held by the NC. Don't get me wrong, the NC DOES have some Russian based corps within it. These are great guys and I have won and lost battles along side them. But every war needs to have a propaganda enemy and for us it's 'Evil Russians'.
So is this game a game where when you log off you can just forget about it for months at a time? Ermmm, No. You need to log in from time to time to select a skill to train so you as a character get stronger and more capable to fly bigger and badder ships. Sometimes those skills can last weeks to months so this isn't imperative based on that alone. But remember, the game NEVER sleeps accept for a brief downtime ever day. 20-30 minutes where resources are reset, asteroids repopulated etc.....those things that are necessary to have so players can make items for the rest of us to buy at some point. If you want your corp to prosper and grow, you have to have people that PLAY on a regular basis. In lawless space (0.0 security level) there are constant Call To Arms and Home Defense fleets going on to protect and keep what's yours. (CTA's and HD's)
This is something worth mentioning, Space in EVE is broken into security zones. 'Empire' is broken into 4 regions and has varying degrees of 'protection', Sec Status 1.0 means the 'cops' of the empire faction you are in will be there in milliseconds if someone attacks someone they shouldn't. (wars excluded, one corp or alliance can 'declare war' on some other corp or alliance and is thus excluded from the faction police) Empire space goes all the way down to .5 sec status and the delay time for police arrival is significant compared to 1.0 but by no means very long. Trouble happens when you go into .4 or lower. There is NO Police, only gate guns and stations guns. A pilot will get a lowering of there personal allowable security status for shooting someone else unprovoked, but the can still do it. Do it enough and you may not be allowed into .5 sec space or higher. So, low sec PvP always has a cause and affect for or against the pilot. Hence why my toons are in Null Sec, or 0.0 lawless, no standards and no gain or loss of personal standing for shooting someone. Just make sure it's not someone that has been set blue to your alliance or corporation. Doing that may get you bumped OUT of said corp or alliance and playing alone, again. Next post will discuss the real time 'economics' of EVE and why it's "REAL"