Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've been busy

As any parent with young children knows, Summers are not easy. Between helping my wife with her business, Dr's office, clients in the gym and entertaining the kids so they have good memories of the summer I got WAAAAYYYYYY behind on checking the blog. I'm back though.

The last blog post I started was back on June 27th! How embarrasing. Hey, at least I got it up on the blog finally.

Have had a few good rides others not so good. Last Saturday Jim Sullivan beat me for 63 miles up and down the hills of Montgomery and Huntington. I deserved it. I ALWAYS beat him up when he is hung over so when I showed up over tired and a little too much of 'the dog that bit me' in my recent past I knew it was going to hurt.

Hampton Beach in two weeks! Family can't wait. Should 'be an adventure' as Andrea says.

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