Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July! It's Tour De France Month!!

I never sleep during July. Why? Because I spend my evenings catching up on that day's Tour happenings from 8PM to 11PM. Even though Armstrong retired it still is an amazing spectacle. I hope Levi Leipheimer does well as he is the only bona fide American with a shot at the overall but I have to say my dark horse is this young kid from Spain. Alberto Contrador. He on Paris-Nice this year and has a real belly full of fire. He was attacking the favorites with gusto and never giving in. If he does as well in all the TT's and continues to NOT have a bad day in the Mtns he could actually beat all the favorites. Not bad for 24 years old!!

In the vain of the Tour month I will post last night's ride. Not too long but man was it hilly. Almost 4000 feet of climbing and most of it very steep. Great for a power rider like myself. Doug McKeaon was there. Great guy and great climber. He had been injured so had not been climbing for a few weeks. He still managed to either blow by me on the steady climbs or almost catch me on the steeps. How depressing!! ;-)

The data is from George's Garmin as mine just came back from the Garmin Dr's yesterday afternoon. (Don't ask!)

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