Monday, March 28, 2011

At this point....

Life is crazy. I'm beginning to think I see a pattern. My life is always crazy. It is a huge mess of kids, wife, events, work, trying to train.....let's not forget bills, sleep (when possible) and juggleing all these without turining into an idiot. We had a great wedding this weekend. Laura and Tom got married and we were overjoyed to be able to share their day with them. Alex went to Harvard and raced his events and relays with his team. Solid, albeit not record setting day. (I think he blew his gas qualifing and he just couldn't get 'up' to do the then necessary training, eating and sleeping to excel yet again. Hey, 13 is Running is going well.....biking is also going! But I now recognize that this atitude may be part of the issue. I invested in SwimSmooth "Arnie" program as to help get my issues related to my poor form corrected. I'm taking a slow deliberate approach to this correction. If and when I ever have another race season after this year, I'm gonna feel confident in the water if not Olympic. Race this weekend. May be rainy. I hope not or it will be a slogging 9+ mile run.

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