Friday, June 15, 2007

Drama Mama list and other ramblings

Uggh! Drama Mama List! What the heck is this? I remember reading John Robison's blog and seeing these weird revelations about himself and wondering where they came from. Actually, more importantly, Why?

Then, out of the blue I get 'tagged' to reveal 10 obscure things you would never want to know about me. This, I thought, was going to be easy. Then I thought, and thought, and thought, finding myself having an amazingly hard time figuring this out.

Then I got to worrying that I'm just a pretty boring and one dimensional person. This brought on a panic attack about how insignificant I am in the universe and meaningless my life is and...

Nah, that's all just crap.

1) I hate to exercise alone, but will do it so the next time I exercise WITH someone I, A: won't suffer to bad and B: won't make a fool of myself in said exercise.

2) Near The Top of My List Pet Peeve: Authors who write great books....and then take WAAAAAAYYYYYY to long writing the next one. This is especially irksome from series writers. Look, Great writers write great stories that people really enjoy. Great Readers, like myself, read tomb-like books in days, if not hours. Waiting 2 long years for the hard cover and soft cover sales cycles is just intolerable!!!!!!!! Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series is going on it's 12th tomb BUT THAT WAS 3 years ago, if not more!!! Yikes! Note to all author's who write series material. Have the next book IN THE HOPPER when the first book publishes....your fan base will love you. David here this?

3) I, like John Robison, can be a prodigious eater. For 5'7" and 178 lbs I can really pack it in. Since doing triathlons and cycling I have cut way back as to off load weight so I can ride better. A typical breakfast 'back in the day' would be: 3 eggs over medium, 2 slices wheat bread, double order of hash browns (but only if they are real potatoes, those fake ones will kill you! ;-) ) Double order of bacon, crispy, regular order of pancakes or french toast AND the meat that came with it. (remember, regular order...they always come with a meat. So that's 3 bacon orders) Orange juice and coffee. Back in high school ,when the guys and I would be out late, this would be a very normal late day meal at say 1 AM. Since I NEVER worried about cholesterol or real health I would sometimes hit IHOP (the place that delivered this meal) twice in one day. Same order! My brother can verify this as he See's me eat at camp. I'm the garbage scow when his youngest son isn't around. When he is I feel bad as the elder uncle taking food from his nephew. ;-)

4) I like to cook and really want to learn how to do it better. Compared to my sister in law. I will be always the failure. (not because she thinks so but because she is so damn good. I think she thinks in tastes, colors and foods.) But it's fun to think of getting better. I'm addicted to the show Top Chefs. (is that two things?)

5) I never thought my job would take me from t-shirts and athletic shorts to cuff links and dress slacks but here we are.

6) Bodybuilders body build because they are insecure. I was no exception. Bodybuilders can evolve to be less insecure. What you need is a really great 'stressor' in your life to make you forget about what you were insecure for. Of these I've had a few.

7) Once, while a student in Mrs. Mahaney's 3rd grade class, Green Meadows Elementary school, I sat in front of the class and answered any question thrown at me about solar system info. I answered them all. Ok, so it wasn't that hard, they were only in third grade for pete's sake.

8) In kindergarten I rhymed a word with 'bucket' in a shout-out...except I actually said a phrase....whups! I guess the kindergarten teacher and assistant had all they could do to keep straight faces and keep on going. (The teacher assumed we would call it a 'pail', oh well)

9) Someday I want to write a book about all the many variations of why people become obese and how to get control of your health life again. (any authors want to help me out? I also have an amazing Dr. who will also attach his name.) This would delve into the psychological and spiritual as well as physical.

10) Last but not least. The experiment I would love to do, but would REALLY never REALLY want to do: Go back to my old life as a bodybuilder, taking as many drugs as humanly possible, and see how long it would take to get back into Mr.Universe shape......and back again to 178 lbs of triathlete. With optimum drugs and life I think I could get back to a large percentage of this shape in 5 months and it would take nearly a year to get back to my now shape. Trust me, this is actually NOT a fantasy just conjecture. I would NEVER want to do this. I now know drugs are bad and I would HATE to not be fast. Ughh, I shiver in horror at the thought.

10 things you didn't want or need to know about me.

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Kanani said...

Hey Matty,
Thanks for doing this. I especially like the kindergarten rhyme!