Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Idea

AS many of you who know who read my blog I am friends with John Robison , Famous locally for great cars and car work but soon to be famous world wide by his debut book Look Me In The Eye.

Well as his is his nature and ability John has set my life down a new direction. His visionary ability and way of breaking things down concisely always amazes me. In our 1 hour appointment the other day he basically told me to write a book about fitness. I have always thought of writing a book but have never been really gravitated to the fitness model even though it is what I know and do. Heck, with all the fitness trash books coming out every month and year I figure why wade into that?

As I said John refocused my mind rather quickly;

1) Every year new books on fitness HAVE to come out to be the latest and greatest why can't yours be the one?

2) I know everything that these other 'trainers' and celebrity trainers know, and maybe even more, but the difference is that they wrote something and got it noticed by a publisher.

3) With a quality product John would have no issue giving it an introduction to a publisher that may have interest in the topic.

4) 20+ years of training experience, have owned a large fitness center, been Mr America and Mr Universe, transformed into a triathlete physique (well, sort of), and now working in a clinical environment with pre and post operative barriatric surgery patients as well as medically managed weight loss patients....I think I have some insights on why people are overweight, and how to fix the issue.

5) Once a book is published and marketed well the next is relatively easy to get out there. He mentioned a trainer that wrote the '12 minute workout' having made millions and other books from him getting published quickly even by other publishers.

OK John, it makes sense. I will begin an outline today about my thoughts on fitness and compartmentalizing it into bite sized pieces that everyone could handle.

So how are these for titles? Feel free to drop one in if you have an idea.

The New You Lifestyle Plan: Simple changes and programs that can bring your health and fitness to a whole new level

The Fitness Lifestyle Made Easy: How to get amazing new body with simple life changes.

These are only ideas I just came up with while writing this. Don't over think them. I'm just looking at what sells and what people seem to gravitate to.

The other he had was for me to begin using this blog not only as a way of voicing crazy ideas and cycling posts but to develop a base for this book. In that respect, will offer to answer questions anyone has about fitness and their personal fitness regimen through the blog. You can ask with your name or anonymously. I will still get an answer back.

So now the blog is not only a crazy posting repository for my cycling adventures and triathlon races but a place to get your answers right from Matty on fitness, health, overcoming illness....all that stuff. So fire those questions away!


John Elder Robison said...

Well, that was quick.

Matty said...

Yeah, I'm a Gemini. Meritorious ideas aren't to be thought about a lot, but acted upon.

I probably wouldn't have been so quick had some fashion of this idea not already been floating in my head for years. I always over complicated the idea and made way too much out of it. Too much philosophy and not enough fitness. You have re-focused me into much more fitness and just a 'bite' of philosophy.

Kanani said...

Well, I think there is room for another one. Maybe even a small one sold in MD's offices at the counter.

I'd go over diet, exercise. Make it real simple, something you can fit into a purse.

Everyday I see women and men in the office you have about 40 years of body neglect. It's gross.