Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm going to heaven...

What a weekend. Thank goodness I needed a break from hard training. Did a very small ride with ANdrea at the crack of dawn on Saturday and ran on Sunday. Nope, no 100 mile ride reports this weekend.

After the run I did some e-mails for work and then put together my mother 'n laws trike. Yes, that's a three wheeled bike. She just had a total knee replacement and a regular bike is not for her right now. Wow, I started at 1 pm and just finished somewhere around 8:50 PM. They do not make those things easy to put together!!!

My son, Alexander helped. (?) Has anyone every had help from a 10 year old. They get so distracted so quickly that I'm talking to him and then I swear I see the smoke from him jetting out of the building!! ;-)

Everyone told me to come in and finish tomorrow... but it was a matter of pride. I couldn't have John Robison rib me on Wednesday that I was a mechanical failure for not putting a stupid bike together. I can hear it now. John: "Yeah, I put one of those things together for someone, it took me about 30 minutes." Yeah, whatever! ;-)

Wife says I'm going to heaven for getting it done and out of her shop. I have no idea, but I do know I'm going to bed!!

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