Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Is that all you got!"

So Andrea went out for a great ride this morning with a few friends. Nice weather, nice ride, great time. She rode into the driveway just as my cohorts began to arrive. We had a 54 mile ride planned in the rolling hills of Northern Ct.

Off we went at a good pace that would supply fitness work but not wreck our muscles. (I am planning on cashing n the old Father's Day chip and going for another ride in the early am) It was all going great and fun was being had by all. 'All' consisting of George Fetcko, Joe Rodrigues and myself. Joe and I had planned on reversing last Thursday's ride to see how a certain road ridden in the 'down' fashion would ride in the 'up' direction.

I figure we were coming up on just before half way when we got to this particular road and stretch of climbing. The clouds were black. I mean B.L.A.C.K. Yes, we knew there was a 30-40% chance of thundershowers later in the day, but it was only noonish. I hardly call that 'later in the day'. Well it started to spit some rain. The it started to rain. Then it started to pour. Then is became a deluge of biblical proportions. I remind you that this road rides in an upwardly direction for almost 8 miles. When this deluge begins we have a large part of 8 miles of road water racing down at us. No visibility, the rain just hurts, we are soaked and the temp drops from mid eighties to mid fifties in minutes. Yeah, loads of fun. :-(

On a particularly steep section I get fed up with the incredible amount of rain and thunder above us. I begin to climb standing on the pedals. (it helps sometimes on steep sections) I turn my helmeted head toward the heavens and shout out. "Is that all you got!? Come on! We can take it! That all!? You got nothing!?" Joe, being raised roman catholic and Portuguese, immediately backed off from me on his bike. I think he figured if God was going to strike me he didn't need to be right next to me when it happened. No sooner did I sit back down and get back to the work of getting up the damn river of a hill when a bright flash lights up the forest, milliseconds later an earsplitting crack shatters the air around us. Hmmm, that was timed rather well. I think I'll shut up now. I look over my shoulder to see my fellow riders still up and pedaling. Would have really put a crimp in the ride had one of them been struck. Right? I don't know what WAS hit but it was right on top of us. OK God, you made your point.

Finally, when we reach the sky. Yeah, it's always like that. We start the last part of the ride with me day reaming about the shouts to the heavens and the lightening flash. Out of the blue my mind grabs onto something else...Damn! Here I am yelling at God and he's been pissing into the wide open sunroof of my car! I turn my eyes to the sky and shake my head but keep quiet. This ride is just not any fun anymore. How many time can the darn window buttons and seats get wet before I have to bring the car to John Robison for overhaul. Ugh, That'll cost a lot.

Finally, on the last hill...downhill, to my house I take the front. More to not have to get spray back from the riders wheels in front of me then to do work. It' s fast and fun despite the wet roads. We came down Granville Gorge Rt 57 at 37+ MPH and not really even trying for 5 miles. 'A beautiful thing' as George says. It lightens my mood and I even begin making little deals and homage prayers to God if he has kindly spared my car from the rain. Crazier things have happened. I've seen it pour on the other side of my street and our driveway stay drive. With these thunderstorms you never know where the line will be. I had hope at least. As I got closer the wet road was not drying up. It was becoming apparent that our area, and house, more then likely had been poured on. I was ready to face the music and begin drying out my car and hoping for the best.

We pulled into the driveway and I rode up next to my car. I let out a 'whooppeee!' as I noticed the sunroof was closed. Divine providence HAD stepped in and had my wife close my roof. A great ending to a wild and wet ride. Who says miracles still don't happen. It's all in how you look at it.

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