Thursday, May 17, 2007

Corporate collusions for what ails us?

I am a conspiracy theorist.

I admit it. I see them everywhere and am disgusted and frightened for where our society is headed.

On the blog Look Me In The Eye a post was put up that led to these thoughts. It may be that the 'intentions' of corporate heads do not have an actual pre-meditated 'collusion' with other industries, political organization, or associations BUT....I cannot be the sartest person in the world and the only one to see how one corporate or industry behavior helps another.
So now we are left with the idea that social responsibility is turned on it's head for the sake of profit.
an example may be
Food industries working to make better tasting, less nutritious foods that are more addicting all at prices that asure profits to shareholders.
HMmmmmm....doesn't this play into drug companies desire to sell more drugs to patients? Obesity has seen more medicines enter the mainstream society then ever before.
Diabetes MedsHypertension medsDepression medsSleep aid medsPain relief meds
are just a few of the STAPLES that I deal with in the Dr's office I work at. All of these, surely most, could be alleviated by being at an optimmal BMI.
So now we see a correlation but no one is juming up and down to radically change the system.
How about mandating that food needs to be healthy for starters. We COULD all do without ring dings and coke a cola.
Imagine the uproar!! But within a generation no one would miss it.

I also admit that my mutual funds invest in lord only knows what and I am part of the problem as are many of us. I SHOULD invest in socially responsible funds ONLY. But I admit to investing also in funds that return and return well. Deciding to stand on the side line and shout is still a decision to not help the cuase. I think we all start by changing where our money goes and invested. Anyone with me???


Kanani said...

I don't know how to tell you this, but I find those photos from your younger years slightly scary.

They remind me of these little plastic see-thru dolls we had in grade school of the human body, where the muscles were all there.... you remember.

Anyway, it's difficult to imagine you going from that to a Panerian.
Really, I don't know what to think anymore.

As for my own investments....
There's no guarantee on anything. I think you have to do what you feel is reasonable and right for your circumstances.
Being that in the US we literally have no safety net, investing is incredibly important (that, and managing money for the long haul). So I look at the rate of return and the risk. I read the annual reports, I look at the companies as well.

I actually have stock B shares in Berkshire Hathaway, who was lambasted for staying vested in a Chinese Oil company who did business in the Sudan. Warren Buffett wrote a wonderful article.. it's on their site: Berkshire-Hathaway.
I look at his staying the course this way: he's done an incredible amount of good with taking small businesses into a larger arena and letting their CEO's steer the way, rather than doing drastic slash and cut techniques that many other companies do.

He's also given the most amount anyone ever has to charity in the last year.

So perhaps it balances out... I can only hope.

Matty said...

Trust me...I find those pictures kind of scary as well. It was nearly 20 years ago so I should be afforded the benefit of the doubt. I will put up some Triathlon photos from presnt to see what I have changed to.

I agree with your assesments on investing. That being said we could all turn over more rocks to 'steer' the corporate world more toward a socially responsible attitude.

Kanani said...

So where is John?
Why hasn't he linked you to his blog?
I say six extra laps for him in the pool...