Sunday, May 20, 2007

Waiting for the rain to stop

So toady isn't really much of a meaningful post. Just the weekend wet weather blues. Andy and I (My wife's name is Andrea, hence, Andy for short, for those that may have been wondering. ;) ) are definitely tied to our exercise. I suppose things could be worse. I deal daily with those that addictions or ties to lifestyle habits that are very destructive. I have even taken exercise and athletic pursuits to destructive levels myself.

Bodybuilding is certainly not the healthiest of sports. (I have trouble considering it a sport as it is so subjective...probably should be labelled a 'syndrome' for all the psych issues surrounding it. That could be a whole other post) Between the drugs required to become super naturally huge, the drugs required to get unbelievably 'cut', a term for potentially harmful low levels of body fat, and the precontest necessities that produce the final 'look' can literally kill you as help you win. Thankfully I was 'retired' by 23 from THAT life.

I definitely use my passion for exercise; running, cycling and swimming as a mood stabilizer. Andy and I both do. When I competed for Ironman it was not a good scene here at home. Thankfully, I have an amazing wife and she 'corrected' certain attitudes and behaviors that was creating a downward spiral. Lesson learned: Even the good stuff ,taken to far, can take time away from family and the "Important" stuff.

Andy and I both now really work to help each other find time to exercise and include the kids and each other in as often as possible. Often times, if I get home from work early we will run to the schools with the kids as they ride their bikes. We'll throw the frisbee or Whamo! for a bit and then head back. For us it's important that the kids see exercise and together recreation time as an important feature in daily life.

Alex is at a friends house and slept over last night. Andy , Audrey and I stayed home and watched Sixth Sense. This second time seeing it I could watch without freaking out. The first time I was watching through my fingers in the theater! Puttering around the house, posting silly blogs and constantly checking the weather is what today consists of.

We are heading away to Squam Lake on Thursday evening (sorry John, no workout that day!) for my nieces wedding. We will come back on Monday afternoon so it will be a nice respite for the family. BUT that means the bike will be home and no riding for a whole long while. My goal between now and Thursday is to basically crush myself on the bike so the 5 days off is actually a well needed rest. So I wait, and wait and wait for the darn rain to stop. I may have to just gut it out and risk some wetness.

Do any of you out there get 'nudgy' or irritable when you don't exercise? I know the competitive silliness that men have may seem stupid to most woman that read the blog. I'm better, trust me. But to some extent I think it is hardwired into us to try to win. I recognize that this could be a huge over generalization like so many 'experts' write about men being the providers and fighters and woman being the nurturers....I can see it on physical and hormonal levels ,but I can also point to just the opposite. I have seen circumstances where men make fine nurturers and woman can be as ever so competitive and goal oriented as men. Nature, Nurture...who knows.

I just want to get a ride in today!!! Can someone stop the rain please. Besides, I just got a new bike GPS unit to give all sorts of geek data on our rides and runs. It's just like the universe to delay my gratification on using the thing.


Kim likes cake said...

OK - I'm looking at those muscles and thinking "I have angered this man by feeding cake to his client." I am now going into hiding. You'll find me in the baked goods aisle....

:) I responded to you on my blog. And those photos of you? WOW!

Matty said...

No worries kim. It was a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time ago. I'm a paltry 170 and trying to go lower. (lower is usually faster on a bike)

But cake? Don;t you know the rules? First feed the trainer and get on HIS good side, THEN he'ss let you feed the client crap. (I'm sure I could make a case for job security there)

Kim Stagliano said...

Rules shmules. My cake WAS healthy -- really! And John said the guys at the shop ate most of it. So, you like chocolate, spice or yellow?