Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome to the new outlet for my crazy ideas and thoughts!

Who is Matt DuFresne and why is his blog labeled 'Ruminations of a Crazy Man' ?

Anyone that writes about themselves could probably spend days creating a form of memoir, at least I hope they can find enough interesting thoughts and stories to create such a work. Instead of doing that I will list some of the defining things that have created the person, and his thoughts, that writes today.

I was an OK student that never REALLY applied myself. When I DID apply myself I got A's. I was the consummate 'clutch' tester. Do absolutely zilch all semester, have a D- average and then speculate what I would need to 'pull it out'. I can remember senior year history with Miss Brewer. Similar scenario, needed to pass to graduate, A+ on the final. To those young people that read my blog...this is not something I'm proud of. It shows to me what a waste I put my intellect to during the years that could have really set my life up and on a different path. How many of us look back and think of what could have been? Regrets? Only sometimes, but I have had one interesting ride to this point on the path I did take, that's for sure.

I was a Bodybuilder...fairly good too. In hind site I realize I was making up for some....deficiencies (yeah, that's it) in my personality and self esteem. Thankfully I grew through this. Painfully and forcibly but I never would have evolved had I not been forced to give up this lifestyle. I learned that when some bad things happen they have unexpectedly positive outcomes that otherwise may not have come about.

I owned a Fitness Center. Gold's Gym of Springfield Mass. A natural progression from the Bodybuilder lifestyle I suppose. It was fun at times, but also a lot of work. I learned a great deal about people, both as a manager/ leader and business owner. I also learned a great deal about business. It serves me to this day.

I am a husband. I call it Husband 2.0. (like the sci fi channel show Jake 2.0, which incidentally, isn't very good) I was not so good at being a husband in the first decade but in defense of ALL marriages....Where was the manual on people and relationships that was to guide us? I'm working on being much better in the second. I've learned a lot through the very patient and wise teachings of my wife, some of whose lessons come in on bricks and some on kisses, and learning the skill of not taking everything personally. Time will tell how I do....

I am a two lovely and incredibly precocious children Alexander and Audrey. Ages 10 and 7 respectively. Man do they give their parents a run for their money!! Like the above, I am learning to be a better father and be, AND REMAIN, more connected to my kids lives and be a part of their growth. It's over and done too damn quick.

I am a Personal Trainer. Again, another extension of the bodybuilding lifestyle? I don't really know for sure but it probably helped. I have always been fascinated with how the body works and adapts. It also comes easy to me. Having been training clients for the better part of 20 years I have a varied clientele of eclectic and affluent business people and their spouses. I enjoy training people and learning not only about their exercise and health lifestyle but about how they think and why they have become what and who they are. The key to health lies within a person's mind and spirit not their body. At least this is what I have learned.

I am an Exercise Specialist at a medical weight loss facility. I work within a medical practice dispensing exercise and lifestyle information to an overweight population. These may be either medical management (those that may only need some education and medicine to get the ball rolling) or pre and post operative surgical patients. It is a great new direction for the skills I have built over the past 20 years. I can now utilize what I have learned about how people think and react to help counsel them toward a different way of viewing their health and responsibility for it. Probably the best thing about this is I get to work with one of my very best friends. Dr. Keroack, Chris to those of us that know him in a social respect, is one of those crazily smart people. Like, Encyclopedia Britannica smart, but for medicine. If he reads it, he knows it. Cool to just actually be around. Add to this that he just a generally nice guy, wants to help people, has a beautiful family and struggles with many of the same things I do as a person......What's not to like? It certainly is an amazing opportunity he has given me and I enjoy every minute of it. After all, in referencing my above school motivation...I never did get even my bachelors degree. I'm over it now as I have decided to not go back. I know how smart I am and my friends do as well. Including my friend, and boss, Dr. K., and all my clients, some of which I have maintained for over 10 years. I recognize some may look to letters after my name and make an opinion of me that is less then favourable. To each his own.

I am a triathlete. This is the sport I have dedicated myself to since bodybuilding. I have yet to 'burn away' the competitive spirit. This may be a part of my self esteem or other defect in my personality but it's also just damn fun. I have sworn off any more Iron man Tris' until my kids can either train with me or have lives of their own and no longer 'need' Mom and Dad as much. IE teenagers. (see I am a father above) An amazing friend of mine, Kim F. has said that competing is a low energy level if referring it to a Buddhist spirituality concept. I can see this. But I also think that the motivations and intention one goes into competition is equally important. I compete on one level to win...but mostly to challenge myself both physically and mentally. I have had some of my best insites after a grueling ride or run. I have been at my most peaceful when swimming a mile in a mountain lake with the morning mist just beginning to role off it's surface. It may be lower energy, this competing thing, but it help reach higher energy at other times. At least that's today's rationalization!! ;)

I have been labelled by one of my elder sisters (I come from a family of 5 children of which I am the baby) compassionately disconnected. I enjoy company but don't need it. This is a fine trait for me with respect to my own entertainment, but dangerous for me in maintaining and fostering relationships. I work on this. I could travel the world alone and never have a true home, and be content with a book more then not. But this is not to say I am a loner. I have done these things like traveling the world and immersing in reading and research. Now, as I enter a new phase of my life I find myself wanting these same things, but now I want my wife and children involved, I want to have them expierience the same joy and wonder at what I see and feel. I'll take it as a sign of growth and maturity. This being said, my wife no longer needs to 'expierince and see the things I enjoy' when camping. She did it once, and I dought I will get her to do it again without a 35 foot deluxe camper and or ultra clean cabin. Hey, can't win 'em all.

I have evolved (de-evolved by my mother's view. Love you to Mom!) from a staunch right wing republican capitalist to the party 'Of the People, For the People, By the People'. Wouldn't that be amazing? A governement that actually listened to it's voters rather then it's lobbyists. A world view that worked unwaveringly to habitat and species preservation. That worked tirelessly to restore the earth to it's former glory. Here's a concept. Get the children of parents out of harms way in Iraq and spend the $186 BILLION on not needing oil anymore as a fuel source. For major hostilities being over Mr. Bush...why are we still involved with this longer then World War II lasted? Someday things will change and we will stand united more for what is right then what we want. I just hope the earth, and it's inhabitants, last until then.

So generally...very generally, this is who I am. I will give thoughts and opinions on health, politics and interesting facts that I come across. I think a lot, too much probably, but I would like to see and hear if anyone thinks like I do. Maybe I'm not a 'crazy man', maybe I'm just like you, but we just never talked.


Kanani said...

Now I feel really guilty.
I skipped yoga.

Okay, right.
So I'll grab the leashes and go for an hours walk with the dogs.

Matty said...

No worries. I find my athletic endeavors are also to appease my 'drug addiction'. Epinephrines and dopamines are powerful stuff. Life for me is better with then without. ;)

Kanani said...

I got up early to go to yoga.
I read the NY and LA Times.
I thought about going at 8 am but then.... ahhhh....... I didn't want to.

So I went for a walk with the dogs. It was grand. We walked for an hour. We'll do another 30 minutes tonite, hopefully not coming across those two coyotes I saw walking in front of my house in broad daylight yesterday.

Anonymous said...

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