Thursday, May 10, 2007

Somtimes I wonder if they even know what they say!

"Now is not the time to signal retreat and surrender. How could this Congress walk away from our men and women in uniform," said Rep. Jerry Lewis (news, bio, voting record), R-Calif.

I took this comment off a Yahoo! new article. Stuff like this really pisses me off! No secret that I am a devote Anti- Bush person. (Not that the democrats or anyone else for that matter are fielding anyone better) But this type of moronic statement concerning the funding of the war effort in Iraq is just plain stupid.

Hey Jerry...How about A) It isn't our country so we wouldn't be defeated. B) They are in the midst of a civil it's not our war. C) The only people that would be surrendering would be the Iraqi's which apparently is the way they like their societies...constant unrest unless a malevolent dictator keeps them in check. D) And lastly, who is 'walking away from our troops". In fact wouldn't we be packing them up and bringing them home where they would be safe and with their families?

How much you want to bet that dear old Jerry has no kids of his own serving in Iraqi right now. I also bet that MOST of congress doesn't have kids serving in combat.

Most Americans forget that we got into this war on information that was false. Most of congress, and certainly our president, forgets that those troops have names and are someones daughter, son , father or spouse. In the Immortal words of Pete Seiger....Bring'em Home, Bring'em Home.


Kanani said...

Yo, Matty... before I slip off over to yoga.

Go over to my other blog and check out the interview with Frank Schaeffer who points out that those who are voting for war do so without having any personal connection to those serving.

The truth of the matter is that Congress has had their backs turned to the military for decades. A new generation of politicians didn't serve, their kids didn't serve --to them it's all abstract.

And yet, what we see is a decrease in the health and mental health services being offered not only to veterans, but current enlisted as well.

Go by Frank' s site and you'll get even more.

Matty said...

Thanks Kahani. I did go over. Seems I may have a new book on my list to read. This topic really bugs me. As do most things coming out of this administration. Don;t even get me going on the ecology and environment.