Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I know wading through a science article is never a person's first choice for relaxing reading. (unless your me and a few others) but I just LOVE omega's and you should too!!! ;)


LeiselB said...

So how did YOU know that John Elder Robinson was Burroughs brother?

Kanani said...

Okay, I knew this.

Many years ago, I had a beloved labrador named Herb. As he got older, he got all the typical doggy things --stiff, dry fur, all of that.

The vet says he needs to be on Omega 3 fish oil and also Glucosamine and vitamin E.

So I go buy all this stuff for the dog and wham! He starts feeling better.

So I say, Hey... yeah... I'm taking it too.

Everyday the dog and I take our pills at the same time. It's kind of a zen thing. We walk together, sleep in the same room, eat at the same time, take our pills together.

Then he died.
And for the longest time, I couldn't take the pills.
I guess you could call it a sort of self sabotage grieving process.

But I take them all now.
And I'm fine.

Matty said...

LeiselB...Good point!! I suppose I never would have unless I knew him the way I do. I'm John's trainer/health coach for the last few years. (Although he could use all your supportive thoughts to get and keep his butt in gear! ;) )


Great story. Probbaly one of the best immunomodulators in the world without a perscription and side effects. I hope others decide to look into them. Did I post my other Omega research site?

Kanani said...

Tell your friend John that once Paris Hilton goes into the slammer, it will be up to him to walk around with the little white dog. Unless he is slimmed down and glamorous, he's not going to like it when his photo hits the newsstands.


Kim Stagliano said...

Udo's oil, 3-6-9. Great stuff! Did you know European baby formula supplemented with Omega fats LONG before America Formulas? Even now, only a handful of formulas offer Omegas and sadly, most moms do not know how important they are for proper brain development. Saw you on John Robison's blog! You know, the virgin hamster thing.

Matty said...


I think I responded to your e-mail directly sorry about that. It's great to know that others are into Omegas. Research just keeps pouring out how beneficial they are. One of if not THE most powerful natural immunomodifiers and anit inflammatory things out there. I'm not to big on the 6 and 9's though. What I could dig up showed them to be sufficent in our diet and somewhat pro inflammatory. I use the Nordic Naturals brand and Ultimate Omega type. for all those you want to read about how great they are! AND this site breaks the research down into compartments of study. Now you can search for studies on Moega and what ails you. Thanks for reading.

Ummm so how and who would check to see if the hamster was a virgin?