Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A few respectful moments about my other hobby: EVE Online

What IS Eve Online: Eve Online is a MMPORG or Massive Multi Player Online Roleplaying Game. ( a small note from the blog writer: Role Players are stupid asses, I don't role play)

Is it like WOW (World of Warcraft) and others? Are you freakin kidding!? It makes those look like childs play. THIS is a tough game.

Why is it tough? A) The learning curve is rediculous....making getting 'there' all the more worth it in the end. B) ALL players are in the same 'pot of soup', on the same server, at the same time if they choose to log in. So yes to the idea that a brand new 2 day player could get 'butt raped' by an much older player.....as a matter of fact......a new player should plan on this. C) It's awesome spaceship killing frenzies! D) It is almost entirely a PLAYER supplied and driven market which means that .....for most things, if you buy it someone else probabaly had to do massive skilling and efforts to make it. Thus, the market of EVE has real time economists watching it to see exploits and issues with said market so that the economic platform of Eve works as it should.

I started playing this 'stupid spaceship game' about 2.5 to 3 years ago. Haven't looked back. In that time I have had 'The Word' given to me by my wife on several occaisions. I am slowly learning that spaceship internet games, no matter how many real life friends you make in it, does not make for keeping a happy wife. I still say they should have named the damn game 'Fred' or some shit. I mean really, EVE? Yeah, thats how to spark a nice glint of jealousy with the significant other.

Triathlons and training also helps to keep me sane and out of game. Somtimes though, like yesterday the stars allign and I get a 'hall pass' for an all day Eve fest. No work, kids out, wife out etc etc......it was glorious! I have som fun photos and numbers that may make the whole crazy idea give some heft or weight to the whole game idea. But those will be for next time.

Can anyone say TITAN KILL MAIL!!!!!????

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