Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weekend of Swimming!!

Yeah!....Anyone that has ever had children on swim teams knows my pain. Swim meets are incredibly long and uneventful affairs......interspersed with You're kids events. There we are as parents pointing at our kids for all of 25 seconds to 5+ minutes and then we sit, drink coffee, read our books, feed our kids etc.....until the next event.

This weekend Alex is heading to White River Junction Vt. for the USA regional champs. He qualified in all his events and is going to see what its all about. He is presently in the 13-14 age bracket so is the bottom of his group age and development wise. I think his goals are to use this meet to qualify for YMCA New Englands which is actually harder then USA. My fingers are crossed for a fun and 'qualifing' weekend or it will be a long ride home. The kid has been becoming a rocket though so we are confidently hopeful while not being cocky about it.

While you all are out there doing whatever.....think of me in the pool yard for 2 days.....

Tonight get my swim in. (man am I pathetic compared to Alex....omg) and a bike and run. Rest week. Training amps up again on Tuesday.

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