Sunday, February 13, 2011


So Alex and I rode up to White River Juction for a USA regional Championship meet. He swam terrific. Liteally above himself. Beat his 200 yard Breaststroke by 12 seconds!! WTF!?!?! Who does that? 12 seconds!? He then proceeded to chop another 1/2 second off his 50 meter freestyle which got him to qualify for regional New Engalnds YMCA. \0/ (thats a cheer for those that are emoticon illiterate) 26.4 seconds for 50 think of this.....the 100 yard dash is done in say 11-12 seconds for a 13 year old average. Maybe more in fact as an average.

He then had a 100 meter freestyle the next day and he wanted to do well but qualifiing wasn't in his head. He beat his PR by about another 1/2 second. (PR=Personal Record) He then went on to kinda implode at the 100 breaststroke which he was hoping to qualify for. Hey, 3 out of 4 is a banner weekend in my book!! He'll put that behind and qualify for more races next year.

All dad did was cheer, feed and transport him. Handed over a lot of one and five dollar bills now that I think of it. Ahh...the price of being a proud dad. :-) Guess we will post at the end of March how it went at Harvard for YMCA New Englands.

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