Monday, February 7, 2011

ROFL....remember back in '07 when I said I "Was Back"...

I lied obviously.

Time flies by. Kids, Marriage, trying to keep sane.....job, health, family.......lets not forget bills, friends, all the things that define our life, can sure keep a person busy.

Guess we should use these next few posts just as a catch up so to speak.

Star Date: 2/07/2011

Current Situation: Married to an amazing woman, Andrea
2 amazing kids, Alexander and Audrey. Love em to death but could also want to kill them at the same time. Sigh. I'm sure other parents know of this wonderful emotional tightrope.

Job Status: Working for my good friend Dr. Christopher Keroack within his practice of Pioneer Valley Weightloss Centers. I do the Nutritional and Activity components of the patient care.

Athletic Goals: Keep up with Andrea! Maybe train for some Triathlons. Working with Will again from Tri-Hard coaching. This time I promised to actually DO what he says. It's January and I'm more fit then in the past so it must be working.

Sideline Hobbies: Fencing. No not the type that makes a yard but the type with a sword. Presently they are a bit mutually exclusive to Tri training......but that may change. I do this sometimes with Alex and Audrey. Alex has eclipsed me big time in this and Audrey does a different weapon, but it's still fun. Reading, of course. Presently big time into Military Sci Fi. Love it if it's fun and good.
This brings me to my other Sci Fi hobby. Eve Online. Don't ask as over time you will get to know the other life that is Eve Online. MMPORG, although I don't role play as that's kinda gay. I just try to go around and shoot people. More on this later.

In the great scheme of training which is a big part of our families life, I just finished my first 'building block' for the summer season. As usual, Will got me nice and tired and sore for my recovery week. Damn, he nails it every time. I shudder the think what will happen if and when I scrounge up the cash for a Power Meter.

More to some I hope.

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